Narrow your search by forum. You can download attachments. Or another work around? Initial Catalog or Database Specifies the name of a database on the server. Indicates the user authentication mode. You can’t delete other topics. You can’t delete your own events.

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Possibly daisy chaining linked servers so the new server can call the old server can call the source server? You can’t delete other posts.

OLE DB Providers (DB2)

Thank you Jim Initial Catalog or Database Specifies the name of a database on the server. SQL Server imposes limitations on cursors that are sensitive to changes made by other users of the database. The packet size property value must be between and Connection String Parameters To connect to this provider, set the Provider argument mediactaalogdb the ConnectionString property to: Identifies the language used for system message selection and formatting.

You can’t delete other events. You can’t post JavaScript.


You can’t post or upload images. Unthreaded, ascending Unthreaded, descending.

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server Overview

The default is provided by the SQL Server client configuration. You can read topics.

Post as a guest Name. Insert results of a stored procedure into a temporary table provides mediacatalogvb answer – select into a temp table using OPENQUERY as that works across the 64 bit ‘boundary’ because it doesn’t have t ask the source system for a catalog of availble objects.

Determines whether SQL Server creates temporary stored procedures when Commands are prepared by the Prepared property. You can’t delete your own posts. You can’t delete your own events. You can’t post HTML code. Using subtypes other than those listed earlier will work correctly. I am wondering if there is mediacahalogdb issue and maybe this provider is old?

Open call will fail. A further blog post here describes a workaround if that doesn’t work: Narrow your search by forum.

If a consumer requests a recordset requiring SQL Server cursor support, an error occurs if the command text used generates more than a single recordset as its result. You can’t send private messages. You can’t delete your own topics.


OLE DB Providers (DB2)

Data Source or Server Specifies the name of a server. As with the ADO connection properties, these provider-specific properties can be set via the Properties collection of a Connection or can be set as part of the ConnectionString.

Attempting to remote or persist data with the following unsupported subtypes will cause a run-time error unsupported conversion from the Microsoft Persistence Provider MSPersist: TryingToLearn Posted 5 years ago Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Such client applications should be upgraded to MDAC 2. This can be set to Yes or No.