But for a wamp server, the effective one is in C: You should now have good working knowledge of MDB2. Run it without parameters to see the available actions, try ‘pear list’ to see what packages are installed, or ‘pear help’ for help. The PEAR Installer provides the command pear install for that, which has to be followed simply by a package name. Post as a guest Name. Whether you put SQL abstraction at a higher level or on the same level as the data type abstraction, it’s a very nice feature when you migrate from one database to another. The installer will begin to install.

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Install PEAR and MDB2 in Ubuntu / Mint

As you now have a database connection established, let’s take a look at some easy queries and basic MDB2 methods. Be sure to have proper settings in place instalo your proxy server if you have to use one.

Basic elements you need to have are “hostspec,” which is usually the database host to connect to, and “phptype,” the type of database e.

In our case, you have to type “pear install MDB2”.

How to Install PEAR in a WAMP

If you want to try out these scripts, this is the part you will have to customize according to your environment. Sign up for an Oracle Account Sign in.


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Every database supports some proprietary extensions to standard SQL. Here MDB2 data types play a role again, but those are very well documentedtoo. Indexes imstall defined like tables—using arrays. I have not included any file name MDB2. Below is a suggested file layout for your new PEAR installation.

Access your cloud dashboard, manage orders, and more.

But even when you do not plan to distribute your application for different database backends, abstraction makes sense. Installed packages, channel pear. Leave a Reply Insyall reply Your email address will not be published.

An introduction to the use of the MDB2 database abstraction layer with Oracle, with simple as well as advanced examples.

PHP: PEAR MDB2 · Martin Thoma

Home Skip to Content Skip to Search. Abstracting those data types allows you to access and use the different kinds of data in a unique way.

The basic use of MDB2 should now have become clear and we can move on to some more advanced features. For this reason, it cannot be rated as “stable” in the PEAR repository. A higher level of abstraction is the data type abstraction. The installer will begin to install. Before starting with MDB2, instal have to take a little closer look at PEAR, since it not only provides the specified packages but a unique installation infrastructure to manage them, as well.


The commented code uses the default fetch mode where the fields of the returned array are numbered. The other extended feature we see in this example is the getAssoc method, which acts like queryAll but reindexes the results returned by their first column. Old version found at C: In other cases, a feature is implemented in one database, but not available in another.

Install PEAR and MDB2 in Ubuntu / Mint – Imran’s Book

Email Required, but never shown. Whereas the array representation uses the element names as keys, the string representation uses a URI-like format: Conclusion You should now have good working knowledge of MDB2.

All examples will show the use of MDB2 in conjunction with Oracle; however, because MDB2 is an abstraction layer, its use with other relational instwll systems is very similar.

Now check out what the example did. In our case, we load the “Extended” module, which enables some more methods for us.

DB, which is an extremely mature abstraction layer and is very well documented.