Then change the followingparameter in the “Definition of measurement and stress setup files” block of theprogram. Table lists the options available for the EA. The colons between two command keywords means moving down to a lower level. The BA is the only parameter analyzer that maximizes your eficiency by giving you the ability to modify and create application tests interactively and then run them remotely. In addition, the BA s ten-slot modular architecture allows you to add or upgrade measure- ment modules if your measurement needs change over time.

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The goal of the remotely see Fig. Application Note Agilent Automotive Power Window Regulator Testing Application Note Abstract Automotive power window regulator tests require the use of accurate data acquisition devices, as they cover a wide range of parameters More information.

Benefits Trisil for telecom equipment protection Features bidirectional crowbar protection voltage: This lahview selects which input port is the Bias Port on the specified card.

See step 2 of previous procedure. Theerror number and message are placed in the error queue, and bit4 of the StandardEvent Status Register is set. InstallationMaintenanceMaintenanceMaintenance should be performed periodically to keep the EA in goodcondition.

You must install an interlock circuit on shielding box to prevent dangerous voltageswhen door of the shielding box is open. I have been successfully able read Analog Inputs e525a the device and example and have confirmed correct Network Configuration, Wiring The same its signal transmission of low quality noise even for electronic transistor was measured with the four different switches and the circuits.


Details are subject to change without notice. BP Product specifications and descriptions in this document subject to change without notice.

Each card is considered independently. Keysight Technologies Solid State Switches. For details,refer to “Couple Ports” in Chapter 5. The display shows the present setup conditions: This program assumes the following conditions. The following softkeys are displayed: This job aid provides instructions on how to More information.

Command Expert Basics Introduces you to the Command. Eject the EA Program Disk from the disk drive connected to the computer. Agilent is lqbview only test and measurement company that offers three-year warranty on all instruments, worldwide.

Input comment for this setup memory. Once you have selected and arranged your tests, simply click on the measurement button to begin running an automated test sequence.

Agilent | How Do I Control the Agilent EA?

But it has a much higher scalability since the number of Gummel plots obtained are shown in Fig. You can gang up to four EA mainframes together using the EA cards to create a system with channel capability. Summary Flexible switching matrix options, all without the compromise of distortion The Keysight low leakage switch mainframes can expand the measurement capabilities of parameter analyzers such as the Keysight BA, C, or C to create an automated measurement solution.


I searched the contour line plot example, but it seems that VI, Z is calculated by X and Y which is different from my situation.

Low-leakage Switch Matrix Family (B2200A/B2201A/E5250A)

When the setup mode is changed,all setup data is cleared that is, connection data is set so that allrelays are open. Llabview up Measurement EnvironmentMounting Connectors DirectlyFor highly accurate current forcing and measurements while minimizing leakage,surround all e5250 and sense lines from SMU by a guard as far as possible, and makecables stable by taping.

You install these cards incard slots 1 to 4 of the EA. The complete list is available at: It labvieww recommended to performthe performance verification once a year at least. With the cost of end-user devices continuing to drop, even laboratory characterization environments must reduce the cost of test.

The switch needs to be accurate and fast Index Terms—LabVIEW; robotics; switch; switching matrix; enough to correctly operate and serve the users request timely. This command controls the Couple Port Mode for the specified card.