Wonder what I’ll find out then. CD Error Correction Tests 4. Rated this writer No rating. Will not do bitsetting. Sony said that the problem was caused by having Roxio PhotoSuite installed. AE1 comments, 1 good , 0 mixed , 0 poor.

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Upgraded the firmware and bought some Datawrite Ritek. Sony’s profusely illustrated setup poster and task-oriented quick-start application clearly explain how to configure the drive hardware and perform common tasks in each application.

All tests were done with firmware revision v1. Sohy branded dvd-r on 4x burns would pixel upand freeze on jvc-xv44 dvd player!!

Had speed problems using latest firmware, so I downgraded all the way back to 2.

Sony DRU Specs – CNET

I will never buy another Sony product again! I am able to play the movies back on various home dvd players and computer dvd players. Returned it and got an HP dvdi and haven’t had a single problem since. Many players choked on what I burned, and many more simply would read the discs at all. I have had this burner for about a year.


Samsung Releases New Dru-530x Laptop. This drive is fussy. Both of my Sony burners are going into the trash. Lines and paragraphs break automatically.

Sony DRU-530A Dual RW Drive

F01 comments, 1 good0 mixed0 poor. Don’t recall I ever burned a coaster that wasn’t directly attributable to operator error. Sounds more like Sony has the problem. Leave this field blank. Comments posted by Swyzlstyx from United States, May 29, I would recommend this burner!!!!!!

Where To Buy Price. Rated this writer 5 of After a lot of waiting due to some problems in the postour Sony drive finally arrived thanks to the official European distributor.

After each zone the write speed is increased. Burner is Pathetic and software is Pathetic!

Boasting competitive performance, top-notch setup tools, and a low price, it’s vru-530a well-designed product with no dru-530aa flaws. Don’t waste your time – go for the Pioneer, which is cheaper and better. R03 comments, 1 good0 mixed0 poor. Thought I had posted here before, guess not.


In the meantime, though, anyone buying a DRUA will have to make do with single sided 4. After this speed it will not increase anymore.

Sony DRUA |

Middle of august the first SCSI target errors “no calibration”. Installation of the DRUA is identical to every other burner out there; if you’re nervous snoy such things you can check out our guide to installing DVD burners. Comments posted by ray from Canada, May 14, The rest of the bundle consists of Sonic’s DLA 4.