Windows 7 Ultimate x We served as a reference: With cheap router which we purchased, there was place not to reach in the same floor either, but there is no problem in this at all a few years ago. Wi-Fi electric wave expects smartphone and hit it by beam forming function Correspondence realizes more comfortable high speed Wi-Fi communication for “beam forming” to expect apparatus moving about the whole houses such as iPhone 6S or GALAXY S5 and hit it, and to make communication stability, high speed. It works for the next buffalo wireless adaptors: The making of flexible electric wave environment matched with shape of house We adopt four large movable antennas that we change angle of antenna, and environment to live can optimize direction of electric wave.

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Find More Posts by Lar5. The repair number of times during “long-term guarantee” of up to ten years term of a guarantee is unlimited! Alphie, Have you tried here: Unfortunately the way of setting is troublesome, and transfer does not go smoothly, too. By customization of Wi-Fi electric wave environment controlling length and breadth that it embeds antenna, and there is not, We realize stable electric wave supply at high speed to every corner of house.

Up to 54Mbps 11 g: We extend communications area more, and high sensitive specification leads to raise of effectiveness speed. After that, I started having the occasional “device not recognized” message.


Discerning antenna design to show technology to the maximum High sensitivity antenna which flying distance is over We extend communications area more, and high sensitive specification leads to raise of wlj-u2-amg54hp speed. One and price that wli-u2-amb54hp ask staff in shop, and performance looked best are decision to this article in having had seemed to be considerably doing discount.

Originally Posted by jlzuri Hello, I know this thread was created long time ago but non of the answers given worked for me. Shopping loan is available, too. Windows 7 Ultimate x I tried to find Vista x64 drivers, but without success.

Buffalo Technology wli-u2-amb54hp Support – Downloads. We suppress electric wave interference by placing antenna to the most suitable distance, and communication efficiency improves.

Wli-u2-amg54hp Driver – freesagro

Similar help and support threads. It worked for me too. Wireless router comparison list.

I’d really appreciate it if someone would help me to find it for Windows 7 32bit: It will work for the 32bits and 64 bits versions of Windows 7 and probably Vista too, altough I didn’t try that. Find More Posts by jlzuri. It wli-u2a-mg54hp some regrets that it was good, but we said to the third floor if all right, but did not reach too much as we were able to tie with several cordless handsets when it is the third floor. Find More Posts by imaan It seems that there’s no 64bit drivers at all.


Design which has high affinity not to spoil atmosphere of room. bbuffalo

Buffalo Wli U2 Amg54hp Bootloader Driver Download

Windows 7 Professional 64 bits. Furthermore, it is equipped with 4×4 antenna, and communication performance of buffalo in history fastest as of April, is realized.

Guest port function that can provide Wi-Fi that is secure for visitor In the case of visitor, only Internet connection can provide available Wi-Fi.

We are bought a new by NEC We install in 3-story the second floor. We traded in for host model of maker which it was that failed in a little less than two years, and had the same in front. We realize more comfortable high speed Wi-Fi communication.

BUFFALO WLI-U2-AMG54HP Bootloader Drivers

We think that we considerably take place when it is home, and design is outstanding as it is not stylish. Well, I haven’t tested those particular files, but I’ve tried to download Vista drivers from the Buffalo website.

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