Any reviews for those who signed up?? It can get quite warm to touch if you are actively using the WiFi.. Compare detailed BOM line item component detail. I am currently using Sineoji home plugs but the electrical wiring in my house sucks. Easy to set up. I used it for singtel TV last time, so far so good an experience, apart from occasional wireless hiccup lor.. Moderators are not employees or representatives of HWZ.

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Any reviews for those who signed up?? Forum members and moderators are responsible for their own posts.

Compare photos of specific functions, PCB assemblies or features. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

Askey Wireless LAN card WLC

First and second unit shares same ssid and passwords. Comparative Analysis Compare multiple devices from a high-level specification view. Anyway, wifi mesh is connecting via wireless. Then for the second unit, it connects to the first unit via wifi, and it also has it’s own SSID wieeless wifi clients to connect to it?


The only thing I can hiam is the temperature it’s running. If using wireless, it is just one password and one SSID for the 2. The connection on my Samsung tablet is fast and smooth.

Askey WiFi Mesh

And on the mesh, I’m doing a tad higher at about mbps. Comes with port to plug in set top box.

Xskey at home and office. Compare detailed BOM line item component detail. Depends on your existing home structure. Good for those who has a laptop with a 2.

Teardown Askey APW D Wireless Mesh Extender – IHS Technology

Do note that wireless speed is still dependent on the wireless client. I don’t quite get how it works. See all thumbnail images as a preview wirelss the teardown, without requiring a subscription. I am currently using Sineoji home plugs but the electrical wiring in my house sucks.

Download complete BOMs, already merged together.

And prior to the mesh, I have the Sineoji home plugs too The Downloads tab has all of the Excel BOMs, PDFs, and any additional assets for quick and easy access to a single device, or to compare multiple devices. That’s the limitation of wireless ac. Teardown – All Access Intelligence Service. The setup is easy. You will likely see a jump in speed cos it doesn’t work the same way as your sineoji. Using a wired connection, on the Sineoji, the download speed is about mbps. And you will connect to the best channel without having to do anything.


About 8 metres away, my ps4 can get average about Mbps downlink that time. Simplify your search for answers.

Compaq Presario 1700t Wireless WiFi Network 1456vql1q-2 Askey 221127-001

This forum is moderated by volunteer moderators who will react only to members’ feedback on posts. Wireless mbps doesn’t make sense.

The Teardown Analysis Service from IHS provides complete, detailed analysis of electronics, from small devices such as wireless handsets and tablets to larger equipment such as servers and automotive infotainment systems.